Heron's Nest

Heron’s Nest

Custom design and installation of residential solar energy system, including:

·       10 SOLAR PANELS, AND


Ollo, LLC is the exclusive solar installation team associated with the Heron’s Nest Environmental Village.  Every home is equipped with a 3 kW solar energy system. The solar system at each home offsets approximately 30-40% of yearly energy usage.

Custom design and installation of commercial solar energy + battery microgrid system, including:


·       280 KW / 255 KWH BATTERY

Ollo, LLC led the development and installation of the first residential microgrid in North Carolina utilizing a 75 kW solar energy field connected to a 280 kW / 255 kWh battery system.  Current testing indicates residents would have 24-48 hours of backup energy in the event of a grid outage.

Learn more about Heron’s Nest here: https://www.19tencottages.com/

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