APsystems QS1 microinverter

APsystems was founded in Silicon Valley in 2010 and is now a leader in solar microinverter technology. With over 40,000 registered installations in over 8p countries, APsystems was ranked no. 2 in the world among solar microinverter suppliers. 

The QS1 microinverter offers 300% faster installation time, while at the same time offering the highest peak output power and up to 3x faster transmission speed than other top of the line inverters. This results in a wider MPPT voltage range and gives the homeowner the chance for greater energy harvest. 

Each PV module has individual Maximum Peak Power Tracking (MPPT) controls, this ensures that the maximum power is produced to the utility grid regardless of the performance of the other PV modules in the system. When PV modules in the array are affected by shade, dust, snow, or any situation in which one module underperforms, the APsystems Microinverter ensures top performance from the array by maximizing the performance of each PV module within the array. The distributed APsystems Microinverter system ensures that no single point of system failure exists across the PV system. APsystems Microinverters are designed to operate at full power at ambient outdoor temperatures of up to 149°F (65°C). 


The QS1 employs high-speed wireless Zigbee, up to 3x faster than conventional powerline communication. A local 2.4GHz network is created for fast and reliable data communication between the microinverter and the gateway. The QS1 was created to maximize high output PV panels up to 375W, providing a higher peak.

The QS1 to oLLo is the most effective, efficient, and reliable microinverter on the market today. That is why we use the QS1 in our projects. We believe that this product has the most to offer to our customers. The reduced logistics costs and integrated communication and connection features makes the QS1 the best option for our team and customers.

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