Drastically reduce or eliminate your electric bills

When you install a solar energy system in your household, you can generate your own electricity, become less dependent on your utility, and reduce your monthly electric bill. Utility companies rely on coal, oil, and natural gas to get power to their customers. These fossil fuels have continually fluctuating costs, causing your electric bill to be affected by the market. By installing solar, you protect yourself from utility companies and having to deal with rising electricity costs. 


How much you can save with solar depends on a few different factors. For example, how much electricity your solar system produces and how much your household or business consumes. Savings are almost equal to the costs you would not have to pay by going solar. If electricity rates go up or are high in your area, you will save even more. If electricity rates continue to go up, your savings will continue to grow. After installation your monthly bill will be relatively the same, having a fixed price every month makes it easier for homeowners to budget or manage their fixed income.

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