About us

We chose the name Ollo as it sounds similar to “Hello” with a symmetry and simplicity that speaks to our existing core.  We invite you to say “Hello” to Ollo.



We strive to have relevant conversations about the future of energy now.  These conversations start with our belief that energy freedom empowers the world.  We just happen to help create our vision of what the world through the advancement of clean energy currently using solar energy as our primary vehicle.



We believe it’s time that we Venture BrighterTM into a world of possibilities – a world where we no longer have to be plugged into the utility grid.  All of our electronics are moving to be smart, to be wireless, to be seamlessly integrated with our lives.  Ollo seeks to bring the same advancements to clean energy – to make it more affordable and widespread, yes, but more than that, we want people to experience freedom and independence of not having to rely on the energy grid, on foreign oil, on energy sources that are unsustainable.  We want people to experience what it’s like to have all the energy you’ll ever need produced at your home.



It’s an adventure.  As always, we choose the projects that interest us.  The ones that push the limits.  The ones that others think cannot be done.  And the ones that when we look back years from now will make us proud of where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and how far we’ve come.  We don’t know every step.  But we know the first one – a brand that expresses who we are.  Ollo.